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Welcome to Hobarts website

Hobarts has been selling and supporting high quality machinery such as laser cutters, plasma cutters, 3D printers, sublimation equipment and a whole range of Laserables (laser-friendly materials) since July 2000. Our main customer base is within the educational sector – supplying industrial quality machinery to schools, colleges and universities.

Our expertise & industrial background sees us working within aerospace, architectural & model-making, design, government/defence, pharmaceutical/healthcare, plastics, scientific research and many different manufacturing and engineering sectors. We have equipment being used in numerous industrial applications such as ID & asset management, coding, prototyping, signage, packaging and personalisation.

Our whole ethos is to provide top quality equipment and a top quality service from start to finish. We are one of the only suppliers that offer first class training and long-term support to all our customers by supplying modern, reliable machinery. As a company, we have unrivalled technical knowledge of all of the equipment we supply and ensure that our customers are fully trained to get the most from their equipment – this in turn gives them peace of mind knowing that they can rely on us to fulfil their requirements when investing in new machinery.

Here are some of the products that Hobarts supply:

We have a large range of laserables (laser friendly materials) for sale online. Laser friendly materials such as acrylic sheet for sale, fluorescent, frosted, mirrored, edge-lit, light gathering, green edge glass-like, cast acrylic sheet from Perspex. Other brands we sometimes buy are Plexiglas and Lucite.

Best quality 2 ply flexible laserable laminate used for signage including coloured laminate, engraving exterior grade laminate and laser-friendly laminate. Polypropylene is also for sale to schools in various colours such as red polypropylene, clear polypropylene, black polypropylene and white polypropylene supplied by ArjoWiggins. Laser friendly birch plywood mainly supplied to schools uses glues that works with laser cutters to achieve a better result without burnt edges. Our laser grade MDF is manufactured especially for use with laser cutters. We also supply Balsa wood to schools and the arts, crafts and hobbyist markets. We also supply laser & sign vinyl although great care must be used when cutting it so seek specialist advice.

3D printers in education (in schools, colleges and universities) are increasingly being used to teach design and rapid prototyping. We also sell 3D consumables such as 3D powders, 3D binders and 3D infiltration materials, 3D system cleaners and printheads. We sell the Z Corp range of 3D printers and our own low cost 3D printer, the 3D RapidPRO 3-dimensional printer.

We have an extensive range of laser cutters for sale to schools. Lasers in education have been used for many years and have revolutionised the teaching of D&T and CAD/CAM in schools. We supply and support a number of lasers including Universal Laser Systems and are the only UK distributor qualified to sell the whole range from the VersaLaser, VLS, PLS and the ILS laser platforms.

In addition to laser cutters for sale we supply laser consumables online such as laser cleaning consumables, lens cleaner, lens cleaning tissues and cotton tipped applicators.

Laser cutters need an efficient fume extraction system to work properly. Those in the classroom or workplace must be protected against noxious gasses and fumes caused when laser cutting material. Hobarts has its own fume extraction systems designed with a powerful motor at its heart, continuous fume monitoring and digital displays on some models and backed up by first class service and support. The dust extraction systems come with pleated F8/9 quality pre-filters and HEPA chemical filters and these consumables can be ordered online. Hobarts also provide a nationwide LEV testing & COSHH certification service to ensure your fume extraction system meets current legislation. The law requires dust and fume extraction systems must be tested and authenticated at least every 14 months.

Dye sublimation printing systems is another product supplied by Hobarts. We supply are range of sublimation printers, heat presses, mug presses including sublimation starter kits and a very large range of sublimation consumables and sublimation blanks. Consumables include sublimation inks and blanks including coasters, fridge magnets, mouse mats, T-shirts and lots more sublimateable products. Other products that Hobarts supply to schools are metal engravers, vinyl cutters, vacuum forming machines, line bending machines and pewter casting machines. All can be used in the teaching of CAD in education.

Hobarts also has a related company manufacturing acrylic products. Items such as Recognition awards, plaques, product acrylic encapsulation, acrylic embedment, financial tombstones (sometimes referred to as Deal Toys and Lucites) are manufactured near Rochester in Kent. The business also supplies crystal awards, crystal decanters (including recycled crystal) and a range of desk accessories.