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About Us

Hobarts began selling laser cutters in the summer of 2000 and have steadily gained a reputation for supplying good quality, reliable equipment.

Our service is all about providing first class training and excellent after-sales support. We are well known for having the best trained technicians in the business with regular in-house courses to keep abreast of product development and training at the manufacturer’s facility.

We don’t employ salesman who sell you a machine and then disappear. Our salesmen are our technicians, responsible for keeping your machines running day in, day out. If they make promises during the selling process you will have ample opportunity to get them to fulfil them!

Profits are important in ensuring the business is on a firm financial footing, allowing us to invest in new products and new services. However, we are not driven by profit. As the company has grown we have continued our original philosophy that we firmly believe by providing the best all round service to our customers the profits will look after themselves.


Hobarts puts aside a percentage of its profits each year to help finance educational projects. To date this has included helping a youth remedial unit, training offenders in workplace skills, contributions towards academic bursaries, financial help to students and funding the development of Design Technology equipment.

Funds are very limited with much of this year’s budget already allocated towards the development of an infra-red laser Braille reader. However, if you need assistance with an educational project and can demonstrate the benefits this can bring to the wider community please contact us.

Priority is given to helping disadvantaged young people and we are particularly passionate about supporting manufacturing in the UK. We believe this is investing in our future.